Who We Are

The story of DBEBZ Apparel begins in 1960 on the 66th floor of the Empire State Building in New York City.

It was there that Robert Welsh and Donald Cooper opened the first office of Capital Mercury Shirt Corporation. Originally planned to be a modest company generating 5M to 6M annually in manufacturing Mens Shirtings, it soon grew into a major force in the apparel industry catering to all the major retailers in America. With a domestic manufacturing hub in Northwest Arkansas that anchored an overseas expansion in the early 1980’s – Capital Mercury was soon sourcing products in China, Korea and Bangladesh.

In 1992 David Bebon was brought on board to handle the Wal-Mart Account in all Dress and Sportswear programs. In 1996 he started the Special Markets Premium/Uniform Divisions at Capital Mercury directing all Private Label and Branding businesses for the company.

In June of 2009 David Bebon created DBEBZ Apparel to bring moderately priced, knit and woven Private Label tops and bottoms to the Premium and Uniform markets. They soon brought into the company a Dhaka, Bangladesh office which handles all in-line and final inspection for garment production along with complete sourcing capabilities headed by Managing Director of Bangladesh, John Kim.

Today DBEBZ Apparel has it’s corporate offices at 209 West 38th Street in the heart of New York City’s Garment District, but the story of DBEBZ Apparel really begins in 1960 in that modest little office on the 66th floor of the Empire State Building where the vision of Robert Welsh and Donald Cooper lives on.